Meet The Boys

Following the footsteps of the TI5 championship squad, Team eXecute Dota 2 division is proof of the continued strength of the formula laid down by the team’s forefathers. Backed up by a rock-solid support system, Team eXecute looks to pursue the legacy to become one of the most successful and decorated teams in South East Asia.


Enrich Quiazon

Carry, Mid

The next Arteezy.


Marc Samson

Carry, Mid, Offlane

Legendary Marc Invoker.


Monchee Yuson

Hard Support

The best support player SEA could ever have. Freelance web and graphic designer, social media manager and webmaster for Team eXecute, photographer, YouTuber, blogger, and gamer. RN in Australia and Philippines.


Phone Maw Htoon

Carry, Mid

The Burmese Legend.

Clara Benin

Matthew Evasco

Offlane, Support

9k Magnus Player


Cassius dela Cruz

Mid, Offlane, Support

H Y P E B E A S T and our number 1 trash talker in pubs.


Lorenz Diaz

Mid, Carry, Offlane

9k Pudge offlane player
Sponsored by Pandora


Kim Patrick Catabay

Carry, Mid

#1 Taal Vegetable Oil

Chance the RAPIST

Benj de Villeres

Carry, Mid, Offlane, Support, Hard Support, Jungler

A player that gets tilted every time.


Bryan Francis Tombo

Mid, Offlane

Certified rager and tilter.


Kirk Manaloto


The man who flies without wings. No tranquil boots.


Ralph Deniel Dungca

Carry, Mid, Offlane, Support, Jungler

Visage lord